About S & C Distribution Company

S & C Distribution Company is a multi-faceted source for well-known, highly reliable railroad equipment. We primarily serve the signal and communication needs of railroads and rail transit systems. However, our products are used by mechanical, track, operating and B & B departments, as well as signal and communications departments. Detailed information on all the equipment we either represent, distribute or produce is available from S & C Distribution Company. We are pleased to add that, as a service to our customers, all the products we distribute or manufacture can be purchased with VISA (R), MasterCard (R), or American Express (R) credit cards.

Representation in Other Countries

As a reflection of our growth, we are establishing a network of sales agents in countries around the world. For the latest listing, see the "How To Order" section of this website.

How to Find Products

Our product line is divided into groups, as listed in the menu bar to the left. Most of the categories are self-explanatory. Note that our much-praised Track Circuit Short Finder appears in the section identified as "Insulated Joint Testing".

To Find information on the equipment that interests you, pick the appropriate category from the menu bar and click on it. This will take you directly to the section of this site that displays those particular devices. Note that the menu bar stays with you as you work through the various sections, allowing you to move immediately to another section of our website. There is no need to "return to the main menu".

For the benefit of Superintendents, Trainmasters and other non-signal types, we offer two products that may be of specific interest to you for rules enforcement applications: our Shunts and our Train Speed Timer. The first two shunt products listed in our Shunt Section (506NW Series Shunts and 506 Series Zero Ohm Testing Shunts) are the Shunts most likely to be of interest. The Model 410-2 Train Speed Timer has its own listing in the LH Menu Bar.

Testing Requirements and Our Products

Many of our products are used to satisfy Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), Transport Canada and railroad testing requirements. At the front of each product section, where such apply, we list the FRA rules that can be met using the equipment in that section and the device or devices that you might want to order.

Training Services

S&C Distribution Company is committed to the informed and effective use of our products. Virtually every item shipped is accompanied by whatever instructional material would be appropriate. In addition, we offer at-your-facility, no-charge training classes on the more complex products we sell such as the Model 322 Shunt/Coupler Tester and the Model 344 Short Finder Plus. Phone (708-444-4908) or e-mail (info@sandcco.com) us to co-ordinate a schedule that would be convenient to both of us.

Last updated 11/20/17