Cable & Ground Testing

FRA Rules That Apply

Satisfy Requirements of FRA Signal Rules With Our Test Equipment
Rule # Rule Description S & C Equipment
234.213 Rule for Grounds Model 360 Ground Finder
234.249 Ground Tests Model 360 Ground Finder
234.267 Cable Insulated Joint Inspection Model 336 Megohmmeter & Arrestor Tester
236.2 Rule for Grounds Model 360 Ground Finder
236.107 Ground Tests Model 360 Ground Finder
234.108 Cable Insulation Resistance Tests Model 336 Megohmmeter & Arrestor Tester

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Notes on Calibration

Today's quality-driven railroad respects the need for annual calibration of test equipment, and budgets accordingly. S&C Distribution Company, appreciates the requirement, but does not agree that it is an expense that must be absorbed every year. In our effort to better serve our customers we have done something about calibration.

First of all, our modern meter equipment is designed and built to be more stable than those devices configured around earlier technology. Secondly, because we know the environment in which our products are used, we protect our test equipment from some of the "screwdriver lightning" that causes meters to lose calibration. Thirdly, in the case of our Megohmmeters and Ground Finder, we make available Calibration Check Devices that allow you to confirm calibration rather than require your Megohmmeter or Ground Finder be sent in for service on the chance that it is out of calibration. Due to the operating requirements of the Megohmmeters, a Calibration Check Device comes with every unit. With the Ground Finder, the Calibration Check Device is an accessory that is not required with every unit. In fact, we suggest that one per Supervisor or Manager is sufficient. A calibration check is really required only once per year.

Why should you absorb the cost of paying for the calibration service itself, the cost of shipping your Megohmmeter or Ground Finder back and forth and the cost of maintaining swing units to insure that testing schedules are met? You do not have to absorb these costs if you follow our Calibration Check Procedures for our 335/336 Megohmmeters and our 360 Ground Finder and make use of the appropriate Calibration Check Device. Contact us for further details.

Models 335/336 Railroad Signal Cable Megohmmeter & Arrestor Tester

Substantially reduces testing time. No buttons to push or cranks to turn. Built-in alarms sound when insulation resistance values reach 500K ohms and 200K ohms. You do not even have to look at the tester until an alarm sounds. As an Arrestor Tester, unit displays actual firing voltage of lightning arrestor after non-destructive test, up to the operating voltage of the Megohmmeter. Our 335 Megohmmeter product group offers a testing voltage of 250VDC. This voltage matches the FRA requirements for testing on-board cab signal system equipment. The Kit descriptions parallel those of the Kits for the 336, 600V Megohmmeter. To order substitute “335” for the “336” in the below Kit listings.

Description Part Number
Model 336 600V, Kit incl. Leads, 120 VAC Charging Adapter, In-Vehicle, Cal Check Device, Shoulder Harness, and Zipper padded case. 336-1003
Model 336 600V, Kit incl. Leads, 120 VAC Charging Adapter, In-Vehicle, Cal Check Device, and Zippered padded case. 336-1006
Model 336 600V, Kit incl. Leads, 120 VAC Charger Adapter, In-Vehicle, Cal Check Device 10K, and Zippered padded 336-1007

Model 336-1002 Telecomm Arrestor Tester

The 336 Megohmmeter/Arrestor Tester has been found to be effective in testing lightning arrestors used by the telecomm industry. In the Arrestor Tester mode, 600VDC is generated at a non destructive current to test fire lightning arrestors. Upon firing, the actual firing point of the arrestor is displayed on the voltmeter. A special configuration of our product has been developed to address this telecomm application. The primary differences between this product and the signal-oriented Megohmmeter are the leads and probe tips. Five foot, pluggable silicone leads are accompanied by two sets of probe tips that accommodate the full range of arrestor configurations in common telecomm use today: safety-jaw grips and safety-spring hook tips (both types depicted here) are furnished.


Model 360-4 Ground Finder

Our Model 360 Ground Finder is a stand-alone tool designed to simplify, expedite and standardize the testing for grounds required by FRA Rules No. 234.249 and 236.107. Testing voltage is 22.5 VDC in both Test and Confirm modes, reflecting a standard common with several railroads, avoiding "masking" below 20VDC, and out of normal signaling voltage ranges. Unique “touch and go” operation greatly accelerates testing. And, with the 360 tester it is not necessary to switch polarities to detect both positive and negative grounds where circuit voltage is 16VDC, or less. For circuit voltages in excess of 16VDC, it will be necessary to make both polarity tests. When switching polarities is necessary, a simple push-button feature is supplied to enable quick, temporary reversal of polarities. Also, to guard against detecting “ghost” grounds, meter sensitivity is limited to 1000 ohms per volt, matching the Simpson TS-111(r). Battery storage compartment is an easy-access, drawer-like device that is located on the right side of the tester. Unit comes complete with leads and a black, zippered carrying pouch with space for lead storage.

Description Part Number
Model 360 Ground Finder w/Crocodile Clip Leads, Zippered Tool Pouch 360-4
Above, in Dual Meter Case 360-1003
Above, in Dual Meter Case w/Calibration Check Device 360-1002
Dual-Meter Kit paring the 360-4 Ground Finder with our355 Signalman's Meter 355-1360
Calibration Check Device f/360 360-30
Dual Meter Case for use with alternative meter 360-20
Carrying Pouch, Replacement 360-12
9 VDC Lithium Battery, Replacement 04-1015
Lead Set, Crocodile Clip Leads, Replacement 360-19

Dual-Meter Case

If you use the Ground Finder to do your monthly and quarterly ground tests you will need a voltmeter to do your voltage tests. The Dual Meter Case provides space for the Ground Finder and a Fluke-like VOM. Use of this zippered, padded case allows you the convenience of having only one item to carry into the bungalow when doing the tests. There are even two separate, zippered pockets to keep the leads properly sorted.


Calibration Check Device

A 1% accuracy test load accessory that matches the ground detection calibration point of the 360 Ground Finder. This Calibration Check Device permits you to confirm calibration of the Tester, its alarm circuitry and its operation. The Device also permits you to extend the once a year calibration cycle until the readings change. We strongly recommend that this device be purchased and used.


550-1 Non-Conductive Testing Tool

This tool is intended to be an easier-to-use replacement for business cards, credit cards and various other field-expedient means employed by signalmen to block contacts when making maintenance checks, required tests and repairs. Large size of Tool helps to remind user to remove it at the completion of his tests or other maintenance procedures. Narrow and wide ends of Tool are both usable for contact blocking. Nylon crossbar prevents Tool from falling down into the interior of switch machine and circuit controller housings. Examples of applications:
  1. Block crossing gate mechanism motor up contacts to permit single mechanism mainenance where mechanisms do not have a power cutout test link.
  2. Block switch machine power contacts to permit hand cranking for obstruction and restoring feature tests.
  3. Selectively block switch circuit controller contadcts in multiple to prevent closing during hand operated switch obstruction tests, contact closure tests, etc.
  4. Block switch machine contacts to expedite and simplify cable meggering and crosschecking; include internal switch machine and motor wiring in the same test.