Insulated Joint Testing & Track Circuit Testing

FRA Rules That Apply

Satisfy Requirements of FRA Signal Rules With Our Test Equipment
Rule # Rule Description S & C Equipment
234.235 Rule for Insulated Joints Model 344 Track Circuit Short Finder
234.271 Insulated Joint Inspection Model 344 Track Circuit Short Finder
236.59 Rule for Insulated Joints Model 344 Track Circuit Short Finder

Shortcut to Specific Prodcuts

506-802 AC/DC Track Circuit DVM

To assist the diagnosis of track circuit problems, S&C Distribution Company offers the Model 506-802 AC/DC Track Circuit Digital Voltmeter. This unit displays up to 17VAC and 17VDC. If both types of voltages are present, this DVM will display both simultaneously. Should more than one AC voltage be present, a composite of those voltages will be displayed. A push of the “Select” button will bring up a spectrum display where all voltages present will be shown, individually. A cursor can be moved through the signals indicated, where frequency and voltage of the signals can be read individually. DC is represented as a zero hertz frequency. Because the user will not always know what voltages are present on the track, we have ruggedized the 506-802: Max Voltage DC is 250 volts; Max Voltage AC is 160 volts.

The 506-802 DVM helps the user to determine what caused the false track occupancy indication (track circuit failure). Spectrum Analyzer function will give a general indication of the frequencies on the track. Spectrum width is: 20,000 Hertz. If there is an interference problem the Model 344 Short Finder has the zoom capability to go to a one hertz display.

The 506-802 AC/DC DVM may also be used in an instrument mounting bracket on our Warren Fast Shunt Handles (14 in., 24 in. or 38 in.) for making quick track circuit tests, etc.

This 506-802 AC/DC DVM comes complete with leads; zippered, padded carrying case and a Lithium, 9VDC operating battery, accessed through a drawer-like compartment. Note that this device will accommodate the full range of Short Finder track connection accessories (File & Dual-Blade Probes, Quick-Read Probe Tips, etc).

Ref Description Part Number
16-1 506-802 AC/DC DVM w/Carry Case, Leads, Batt 506-802-1003
16-2 Replacement Zippered, Padded Case 506-802-12
16-3 Replacement Lead Set 324-16
16-4 Replacement 9V Lithium Battery 04-1015
16-5 Quick-Read Probe Tips (Screw on lead probes) 324-18
16-6 File Probes/Leads Set 324-25
16-7 Shoulder Harness f/506-802-1003 324-20

344 Track Circuit Short Finder

The Model 344 Short Finder has capabilities well beyond finding shorts. Among those other applications are:
  • Track insulation tester, including insulated joints
  • Locating line and cable shorts
  • Identifying high-resistance Bonds & Track Connections
  • Noisy air gap arrestors, etc.

Also it can be used as a track quality meter for gauging suitability of track conditions to support signal circuits. Many probe accessories are available to improve connection to the rail. Calibrated Test Loads are also available that permit use of the Short Finder to confirm resistance values of signal testing shunts.

The Model 344 Short Finder incorporates corrections to frequently raised criticisms of the older Model 324 Short Finder. The 344 Short Finder will not shunt audio frequency track circuits, motion detectors and constant warning devices. Further, the tuning in the 344 Short Finder blocks spurious AC voltages that previously distorted short finder readings. A new capability of the 344 Short Finder is the addition of a spectrum analyzer. This function allows you to “see” all other voltages appearing on the track whether AC or DC. In the case of AC signals, you can determine both voltage and frequency.

An internal, rechargeable 12VDC, 1.2AH, gel cell battery provides operating current for the 344 Short Finder. Test capabilities are provided by two AC frequencies(switch selectable) 3KHz & 24KHZ. Unit comes complete with probe-type leads, zippered, padded case, and charger/wall box

Description Part Number
Model 344 Short Finder, w/Case, Probes Leads & Rechargeable Battery (12V) 344-1
Replacement, Standard Leads 324-16

324-25 File Probes

File Probes/Leads Set delivers extended reach and mechanical advantage when taking Short Finder readings. Take accurate Short Finder readings, easily through rust, grease and other rail contaminants. Each file/handle combination measures 12" long. Current version offers screw-on leads that are each four feet long and are made of low-temperature lead wire.


324-18 Quick-Read Probe Tips

Quick-Read Probe Tips make using the Short Finder easier in rusty, greasy or contaminated rail environments. Instead of carrying a file, the hacksaw blade Probes scrape through the interfering material covering the rail, switch rods and gage plates, resulting in stable and reliable Short Finder readings. Screw onto threaded shoulders on the original leads furnished with the Short Finder.


324-28 Dual-Blade Probes/Leads Set

Dual-Blade Probes/Leads Set provides a mid-range alternative to our Quick-Read Probe Tips and the File Probes. The dual-blade configuration stiffens the assembly and the four inch handle allows some additional reach and mechanical advantage without adding significantly to the weight. A unique lead set screws into the handles of the Dual-Blade Probes. Take accurate Short Finder readings, easily through rust, grease and other rail contaminants. Leads are each four feet long, are made of low-temperature lead wire and are the same as those furnished with later-version File Probes. Set comes with Dual-Blade Probes and Screw-On Leads. Leads are replaceable.


324-31 Meter Lead Rail Connector Set

Rugged, Meter Lead Rail Connector is based on our railroad-grade Head of Rail Clamp. Furnished with a specialized connector that accommodates screw-in leads. Establish zero ohm connection to the rail that will permit you to use your Short Finder to check for intermittent shorts in insulated joints, etc. Leads that come with the Set can be plugged into any meter that accommodates standard banana plugs. Use the Meter Lead Rail Connectors to assist you in conducting FRA-required Shunt Fouling Test, etc. Set of Clamps come with leads in zippered, padded case.


324-1XX Calibrated Shunt Test Loads

Permit use of Short Finder to check testing shunts for correct resistance. Calibrate the Short Finder on the 3.0KHz frequency and read between the "HW" terminals and the "0.06 Ohms" terminals. These readings are the values you should see when you check your testing shunt. If you do not see these values, your shunt should be repaired or replaced. Test Load can also be furnished for use with shunts with the following resistances: 0.10, 0.15, 0.25 and 2.0 ohms.

Description Part Number
Any resistance except 2.0 ohms 324-1(_ _)indicate numbers of the resistance value without using decimal point.
Resistance of 2.0 ohm 324-202

324-17 AC Adapter

For the older Model 324 Short Finder

This Adapter has been developed to convert AC voltages to DC, so that AC voltages can be read by the DC voltmeter built into the 324 Short Finder. Because there is a significant loss across the Adapter, the resultant readings cannot be considered suitable for the purpose of obtaining data. However, they are entirely usable as indicators of the presence of distorting or damaging AC voltages, or for determining whether your track light is on due to an open or a short where conventional AC track circuits are used. This device is not necessary when using the Model 344 Short Finder


324-27 Track Probes/Leads Set

324-27 Track Probes/Leads Set delivers extended reach and mechanical advantage when taking Short Finder readings. Take accurate Short Finder readings through rust, grease and other rail contaminants. Probes virtually, eliminate the possibility of damage to the rail when taking readings.

Each Probe/handle combination measures 12" long. Probes are hard tool chromed to resist rust and corrosion and Probe tips are hardened to extend service life. Handles have threaded holes that accommodate screw-on-leads. Leads are each four feet long and are made of low-temperature lead wire.

Set comes with Track Probes, Leads, tool pouch and Allen wrench. All pieces are replaceable.