Signal Accessories

Model 201A Program Transfer Device

Many S&C products employ programmable chips in their design. A method has been developed that can be used to reprogram a piece of S&C equipment without sending every device to the factory, and will not require specialized software to be installed on the computers of the users of S&C equipment. This method is our Model 201 Program Transfer Device (PTD). The design of the 201 PTD is based on a commercially available product. It will work with every piece of equipment manufactured by S&C Distribution Company that carries a chip that can be reprogrammed.

While our program-operated products do not carry the same sensitivity signal control devices and systems do, we appreciate and support the procedures railroads have developed to insure device program currency. We see the PTD being used following consultation with individual customers. They will distributed in accordance with conclusions reached with the customer. Note: due to the nature of the purchased product, it is not possible for one PTD to program another PTD.

S&C products have achieved widespread acceptance, and the condition exists that a number of different programmed devices are in service on individual railroads. A concept worth considering is that a set of PTD's be maintained for each type of product that may require programming. This practice would reduce mix-ups, and maintain a local-to-the railroad source of the current program for each type of product.

The 201A Program Transfer Device comes complete with all cables necessary for use and a 120VAC to 5VDC Power Supply, in a zippered, padded case. For traceability and determination of ownership, each PTD is identified by its own Serial Number.

REF Product Description Part Number
A Program Transfer Device, Generic, Complete 201A
B Above, but w/cur. prog. for 322 Shunt Coupler Tester 201A-322
C Above, but w/cur. prog. for 331-1 DC/AC Relay Slide 201A-3311
D Above, but w/cur. prog. for 331-5 Record Relay Slide 201A-3315
E Above, but w/cur. prog. for 344 Short Finder 201A-344
F Above, but w/cur. prog. for 355 Signalman's Meter 201A-355
G Above, but w/cur. prog. for 401 Impedance Bond Ckr 201A-401
H Above, but w/cur. prog. for 410 Signal Test Timer 201A-410
J Above, but w/cur. prog. for 577 Cab Signal Code Tstr 201A-577
K Above, but w/cur. prog. for 1010 Portable Data Record 201A-1010
R1 Replacement Program Transfer Device, only 201A-1
R2 Replacement RJ-11 Interface Cord 201-1-1IC
R3 Replacement 5VDC Power Supply w/USB cord 201A-PS
R4 Replacement Zippered, Padded Case 506-802-12

Model 500 Jumper Keeper Alarm System

The Model 500 Jumper Keeper (US Patent No. 5,917,419) will help a conscientious signalman limit the risk of left-jumpers. Jumper Keeper is inserted into the standard routine of jumper use, requiring no extra effort on the part of the maintainer to achieve the improvements in safety. Responsibility for jumpers is kept where it belongs; with the individual using them. Dash and Rack Unit Set accommodates 6 jumpers. Visual and audible alarms respond when vehicle ignition is on and a jumper is missing. 10 minute time-out is push-button activated and is repeatable. Where more than 6 jumpers are required Extension Rack Units can be used to add jumpers in multiples of 6, up to a total of 30 jumpers. Numbered jumpers with company identification are also available.
Description Part Number
Jumper Keeper System 500A
Set of Numbered Jumpers 500-8
Extension Rack Set 500A-3

1010 Signalman's Portable Data Recorder

S&C Distribution Company is pleased to offer a data recorder that addresses the needs of railroad signalmen; particularly for handling clear-on-arrival problems. Our 1010 Portable Data Recorder (PDR) provides the means to monitor up to sixteen contact closures and/or floating outputs such as those provided by GCP’s ® or VHLC’s ®, and two analog inputs for tracking voltages, and time/date stamp their activity. The PDR is in a package that is designed to be moved from location to location. The use of an SD Card to store the comma delimited data will allow long time intervals to be recorded and then be quickly moved to a computer to assess the data.

Memory capacity is limited only by the size of the SD Card. An 8GB card is furnished, which will provide enough memory to record one incident every ten seconds for 10,767 days, or 29-1/2 years. A real-time clock/calendar date and time stamps each event. To insure complete isolation of the equipment under measurement, the inputs employ opto-coupler interfaces. All eighteen input ports are provided with isolated commons.

Properly time-stamped data collection can begin within one minute of hook-up. Fast-Track set-up utilitzes pushbuttons on the PDR and/or a keyboard or barcode scanner, eliminating the need for a computer for the set-up process.

The PDR can be powered by any or all of three alternatives: local battery (10-16VDC), 120VAC (PN: 324-11 Power Supply provided), and an optional, rechargeable Battery Pack (330-1010A, 12-14VDC). When idling, current usage is approximately 125mA.

S&C Distribution Company is staffed with people who have long experience with railroad signal requirements. As a result, this product contains many railroad-oriented, nice-to-have capabilities not found in generic data recorders.

Ref Description Part Number
1 Model 1010 PDR, SD Card, SD Aadapter, 120VAC Power Supply, HD Carry Bag 1010-2
2 Optional 12VDC, 7AH Batt Pack w/Charger and Connector 330-1010A
3 Optional Barcode Label Scanner, Low Temp 331-5-17
4 Optional ASCII Keyboard, Portable, w/Case 331-5-19
5 Barcode Label Printer 331-5-37
6 USB to SD Card Adapter, replacement 1010-18
7 SD Card, 8GB, replacement 1010-15
8 120 VAC to 12VDC Power Supply, replm't 324-11
9 HD Carry Bag, replacement 322/331BZB


Long-honored industrial tag-out safety procedures can now be accomplished with railroad signal systems. Improve the safety of signal system maintenance procedures with these blocks. Designed by knowledgeable signalmen with an understanding of both the industrial procedures, and railroad signal circuits and equipment. Blocks can address all railroad signal system devices that may require tag-out security. Available are single Blocks for various types of test nut switches and RSA terminals, networks of such Blocks for the times where more than one circuit should be interrupted and large paddle Blocks for crossing gate mechanism and switch machine contacts. Individual blocks and networks are punched and can be equipped with DO NOT OPERATE tags for added safety. Kit is available with multiple pieces of common blocks or kits can be configured by the purchaser. All blocks are manufactured from durable, highlight-red, non-conductive, ABS textured plastic. The textured surface helps to retain the Blocks in finger-type contacts.
Description Part Number
Single Block for test nuts, etc DAT-01
Paddle Block for finger contacts DAT-02
String of 8 Single Blocks DAT-08
Kit Including 2 each DAT-02 and 2 each DAT-08 DAT-03
Red carry bag for Kits DAT-98

215-15 Dual-Purpose Walking Wheel

Field-tested by knowledgeable railroad signal personnel, our unique design provides a stay-on the-rail Walking Wheel that is self-guiding and surprisingly easy to propel down the track. During the final field trials, the evaluator was pushing the Wheel down the track with one finger. Adjustable for rail sections from 90 to 150 pounds or heavier, the Wheel stays upright on the rail without assistance under all but the windiest conditions. This Dual-Purpose Wheel is quickly convertible into one that will make fast, accurate measurements on the ground. Simply flip the Sled/Support Assembly up, latch it, and away you go. Fifteen inch diameter wheel equates to a four foot circumference, eating up the distance to be measured, and when on the ground the larger diameter allows the Wheel to measure accurately on rough terrain. Brake provided to lock Wheel when moving to second location to prevent measurement errors.

REF Product Description Part Number
1 Walking Wheel & Sled/Support Assy, complete,15 inch, measures in feet 215-15
2 Above, but measures in meters 215-15M
3 Sled/Support, only with retaining latch and all hardware 215-150
4 Replmt. Wheel Assembly w/counter, brake and handle 215-15-400
5 Replmt. Support Piece & mounting hardware, orange p.c. 215-15-20
6 Replmt. Sled Piece & mounting hardware, black p.c. 215-15-10

205215A Isolated Talker

The S&C Isolated Talker was developed to be a companion piece of equipment to our Slide Fence and High Water Detector equipment. Inclusion of the word "Isolated" indicates that a ground related to control inputs or the internal workings of the Talker will not ground a signal battery which may be used to power the Talker. Use of an isolated DC to DC converter is required to fully isolate any attached radio electrically, due to the antenna ground. The Talker is designed to either automatically announce the detection of some wayside hazard to train operation via radio or respond to external interrogation through the use of a DTMF code generated by a radio with a touch-tone pad. Upon receipt of the interrogation code, the Talker then generates the appropriate voice message indicating lack or presence of a hazard. A group of five pre-recorded messages (in English), appropriate to use with Slide Fences, High Water Detectors, Dragging Equipment Detectors, High-Wide Load Detectors and Hot Box Detectors can be selected by the user on set-up of the Talker, or the messages can be recorded locally with the built-in electret microphone.

REF Product Description Part Number
A Isolated Talker, 12VDC, 4 Control Inputs 205215A
B Above, but for 24VDC operation 205217A
C Adapter Panel for 19 inch rack mounting of Talker, only 205215-10
D Isolated DC to DC Converter, 12VDC, 13.6VDC/15A Out 215-CON1675
E Isolated DC to DC Converter, 24VDC, 13.6VDC/15A Out 215-CON1675-24
F Radio, 30W, 12VDC operation 205215-112
G Radio, Above, but for 24VDC operation 205215-124
H Antenna for above radio to be determined by location N/A