Train Speed Timer

410-2 Train Speed Timer

The Model 410 Train Speed Timer allows the user to time trains, record the data, then download the recorded information on to a computer for analysis and other purposes. See below for a typical field hook-up.
  1. Portable. Operates on furnished, plug-in 120VAC to 12VDC power supply or local battery, or Battery Kit accessories. Can also be installed on a permanent basis.
  2. Determines Train Speed (PN: 410-18 Train Speed Transducer Kit and PN: 330-10T Battery Kit or 330-24 Battery Kit req'd) - install Train Detector Transducers on same rail, 100 feet apart. Connect cables to the Train Detector Transducers and the Timer Speed Interface. Attach power source (Battery Kit, etc.) to the Timer. Connect Timer Speed Interface to the Timer and wait for trains to pass. Data collected is downloadable. The instalation process takes approximately thirty minutes to complete, once access to the track has been granted by the dispatcher.
  3. Download operation is implemented with the use of HyperTerminal (r), a program provided with Microsoft Office (r), or other standard communication program. Complete instructions for downloading, the printing of reports, etc., are provided in the Instruction Manual for the Model 410 Train Timer.
Typical field hook-up.


Accuracy: +/- 0.001 Seconds
Input Voltage: 10-16VAC or VDC
Operating Current: Minimum 60mA AC or DC
Coil Output Voltage: Varies with and is less than input voltage depending on coil value.
Sense Input Isolation: Opto Coupler
Environmental Operating Temperature Range:
LCD Display: +15 deg. to +160 deg. F
Timer Functions: -40 deg. F to +160 deg. F

Timer Messages Displayed on LCD Screen:

Speed Mode:
Speed in Miles Per Hour or Kilometers Per Hour (user selected)
Speed in Feet Per Second or Meters Per Second (user selected)

Description Part Number
Model 410 Portable Train Speed Timer, w/padded case, 500mA DC Power Supply & 410-18 Transducer Kit 410-2
Train Speed Transducer Kit (included 2 transducers, Timer Speed Interface, Cable with Spools and Full-Kit Carry Case) 410-18
Battery Kit, 1.2AH w/Charger, to mount in padded case of Timer 330-24
Battery Pack, 7.0AH, w/Charger, Carrying Case & Connector 330-10T
Timer and 7.0AH Battery Kit Carry Case (HD canvas) 506BZB